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The Vaults of Heaven

©1996 by Kathy Pittman

This music CD or Cassette tape contains 10 original songs written and sung by Kathy Pittman.

Kathy is a devout Catholic who has used her Christian experiences as a foundation for these inspired songs. I believe you will find this music most up lifting and inspiring. Please review Kathy's special thanks note included on the CD and cassette booklet.

The CD and Cassette tape contain these song titles:

To Order a CD or Cassette tape:
From the United States: Send $17.50 for CD, $12.50 for Cassette in (cash, check, money order, US Postage Stamps) to tHE ROCK!, PO BOX 797, Columbia, MD. 21045
Price includes shipping and handling charges.

From other countries all payments must be in U.S currency. Add $2.00 for postage and handling.

To order a CD or Cassette now, please fill out this form in its entirety and send payment to:
Priism Enterprises, PO Box 797, Columbia, Maryland 21045
Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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To contact Kathy write to:
Once For All Time Music
P.O. Box 824
Clayton, North Carolina USA
Fax: 919.662.0389

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